Leetcode Detailed Solutions

This page contains the link to all the Leetcode problems whose detailed explanation is present on this website. The ones whose videos are present on my YouTube channel is also provided. It can be seen as the starting point for all the Leetcode solutions. The columns are as follows:

# – Contains the link to the problem on Leetcode’s website.

Problem – It contains the link to the detailed solution on this website.

Difficulty – Represents the difficulty according to the Leetcode’s website.

Category – Category in which the question falls into.

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2Add Two NumbersMediumLinked List
9Palindrome NumberEasyMath
11Container With Most WaterMediumArray
19Remove Nth Node From End of ListMediumLinked List
20Valid ParenthesisEasyStack
27Remove ElementEasyArray
36Valid SudokuMediumHash Table
66Plus oneEasyArray
136Single NumberEasyHash Table, Bit Manipulation
169Majority ElementEasyArray
409Longest PalindromeEasyHash Table
441Arranging CoinsEasyMath
728Self Dividing NumbersEasyMath
832Flipping an ImageEasyArray
1207Unique Number of OccurrencesEasyHash Table
1281Subtract the Product and Sum of Digits of an IntegerEasyMath
1295Find Numbers with Even Number of DigitsEasyArray
1365How Many Numbers Are Smaller Than the Current NumberEasyArray
1431Kids With the Greatest Number of CandiesEasyArray
1470Shuffle the ArrayEasyArray
1480Running Sum of 1d ArrayEasyArray
1486XOR Operation in an ArrayEasyArray
1502Can Make Arithmetic Progression From SequenceEasyArray
1528Shuffle StringEasyArray
1614Maximum Nesting Depth of the ParenthesesEasyString
1672Richest Customer WealthEasyArray