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Net Cat

Category : General

Points: 75


Using netcat (nc) will be a necessity throughout your adventure. Can you connect to 2018shell.picoctf.com at port 22847 to get the flag?


nc tutorial


In this problem, we just need to connect to the shell with port number and we will get our flag. We are also provided with the hint of using Netcat command. Netcat is also called TCP/IP swiss army knife because it helps us to do various operations with one command. You can refer Linux man pages for more information on the same.

Now after reading the docs I came to know that to connect to a system you just need to use the command nc with the address and the port number. Port number is the communication endpoint. Certain processes running in the system exposes their port number to communicate with external processes.

I type the command nc 2018shell.picoctf.com 22847 to connect to the picoCTF shell and obtain the flag. I then entered the same in the text box and hit submit.

Just enter the same in the text field provided and hit submit.

Solution Flag



Category : General

Points: 50


We put together a bunch of resources to help you out on our website! If you go over there, you might even find a flag! https://picoctf.com/resources (link)


This one is pretty straightforward. We just need to go the link provided and scroll down to get the flag.

This page is to learn the basics of CTF challenges and get started with them.

Solution Flag


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